Tea And Somsa – Nukus, Uzbekistan

Tea and Somsa - Nukus, Uzbekistan
© August 1 2007, Uncornered Market

The somsa, a meat and onion-stuffed pastry available throughout Uzbekistan, are stuck to and baked inside of a clay oven (similar to naan). We ate this pair of fresh from the oven somsa while waiting for a bus in Nukus, Uzbekistan.

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aldo c zavala
aldo c zavala How is the flavor or spicing in comparison to Indian or Pakistani food? This looks so delicious. Posted: September 29 2007
Uncornered Market
uncorneredmarket The flavoring of somsas (and Uzbek food in general) is much more mild in comparison to Indian and Pakistani food. There isn’t much heat or abundance of spices – carraway seems to be used a lot. The inside of the somsa is sauteed onions cooked with meat. Then the dough is baked on the side of an oven (like a tandoori oven).Having spent many months in this region, we miss Indian and Pakistani spices! Posted: September 30 2007
jen_kels I think I have this tea pot, and yes, you’re making me hungry. Posted: May 28 2008