Pamiri Girls In Vrang – Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan

Pamiri Girls in Vrang - Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan
© October 10 2007, Uncornered Market

These two girls were from the village of Vrang in Tajikistan’s Wakhan Valley…We were amazed to see the diversity of physical features in this region – from blue eyes and blond hair to darker, Persian-looking features. We were told the lighter features belong to descendants of Macedonians who arrived during the era of Alexander the Great. Absolutely amazing..©

Pony&rainbow Macedonians are not have blond hair, u got blond hair because of the geography there, dry weather. Posted: February 21 2008
mlecchibhutam As a matter of historical fact, "Arab", the Pamiris cluster with Kashmiri Pandits, Ukrainians and Scandinavians in the R1a Haplogroup, which is associated with the spread of the ancient Indo-Europeans. They did not develop light features in situ, but brought these features with them to the Pamirs, where they’ve been held in isolation for literally millennia. The Alexander the Great story, used also in reference to the Europid genetic debris among the Kalash of Pakistan, is nothing but folk history to "explain" this more complex subject; Alexander’s army was never in the Pamirs, and isn’t necessary to explain the presence of Europid genetic debris there.…The girl on the right could easily be from any of those regions — Kashmir, Ukraine, Norway, Chitral — and that’s what we call "race", the Aryan race. Posted: July 05 2009