Sichuan Hot Pot – Chengdu, China

Sichuan Hot Pot - Chengdu, China
© June 4 2008, Uncornered Market

Our first attempt at Sichuan hot pot (huoguo) in Chengdu left us with red, sweaty faces and smiles. ..This stuff is hot! ..Sichuan peppers leave one’s mouth feeling numb…strangely, mildly addictive.

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bindifry wow-look at that! i like spicy but i’m not sure i can do that. lots of the thai food i’m eating here right now is a bit much and i think that is even hotter happy set food & drink of asia Posted: September 09 2008
Uncornered Market
uncorneredmarket Yes, it is spicier than a lot of the Thai food we ate. One cooling agent is the bowl of peanut oil, garlic, and cilantro pictured at the front of picture – dip your food in here after you cook it in the peppers and it really helps. Locals also drink peanut milk to help soothe their stomachs. We were all red-faced with fiery mouths, but couldn’t stop – the Sichuan peppers become addictive! Posted: September 11 2008