Thanaka Cheeks – Mandalay, Burma

Thanaka Cheeks - Mandalay, Burma
© January 17 2008, Uncornered Market

Beautifully painted with thanaka (a natural Burmese makeup made from tree bark) in the shape of a leaf. Taken in Mandalay, Burma (Myanmar).

Read more about our visit to Mandalay.


Audrey Low
papayatreelimited beautiful portrait – and thanks for explaining what that powder is – I’ve always wondered Posted: January 12 2009
Guy Jonsson
Jom Manilat Lovely portrait! Posted: January 12 2009
cooli_#1 Very nice, detailed painting to replicate a leaf. I have to experience Myanmar soon the people, food and sights seem very motivating indeed. One must first read up on the history, culture and geo political situation to really appreciate the country better. Posted: January 05 2011