Leon, Nicaragua: Frog Eating Bird?

Leon, Nicaragua: Frog Eating Bird?
© June 25 2009, Uncornered Market

A curious drawing on the wall of a barber in Leon, Nicaragua. We’re not quite sure what it’s supposed to symbolize, but it is funny.

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Terje Myhre
Terje-ZeBigBoss Hello! It says: "Never consider yourself as defeated!" ..or as i would put it: "Never ever give up! " The frog is fighting back by trying to strangulate the bird who is eating him. As a former labour union representative, (now I am head of a public primary/ secondary school) I have seen this picture in the office of several union activist comrades. See: [http://www.flickr.com/photos/terje-zebigboss/4512033537/]By the way, I am sitting here in Norway and just surfed by because my youngest daughter has been studying multicultural pedagogy down there since January this year. She is returning home in the beginning of May and will then have completed her professional training as a primary school teacher. Posted: April 11 2010