Roasted Cuy (Guinea Pig) – Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Roasted Cuy (Guinea Pig) - Vilcabamba, Ecuador
© August 24 2009, Uncornered Market

After almost six weeks in Ecuador, we decided it was finally time to try a local delicacy – cuy (guinea pig). We found a small restaurant run by a husband and wife where you could place an order for cuy 3 hours in advance and they would roast it fresh for you.

The result? The texture/taste of meat like duck, size and orientation of a chicken, and skin of a pig. It’s something we’re glad we did, but don’t need to do it again anytime soon.


barbara heide
bawbwa you are brave! looks quite attractive… nice shot! Posted: August 26 2009
rytc Do they also eat this in Argentina? Posted: August 26 2009
Uncornered Market
uncorneredmarket @rytc – My mother’s cousin who is Argentinian was quite grossed out by eating guinea pig in Ecuador, so I don’t think it’s an Argentinian culinary specialty. Posted: August 27 2009
rytc Interesting – thanks for the info :-) Posted: August 27 2009