Tiradito With Aji And Rocoto Sauces – Lima, Peru

Tiradito with Aji and Rocoto Sauces - Lima, Peru
© September 15 2009, Uncornered Market

Tiradito (thinly sliced raw fish "cooked" in lime juice) served with rocoto (red hot pepper) and aji (yellow hot pepper) cream sauces. Oh so good.

Taken at El Muelle restaurant in Barranco, Lima (Peru).

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Mariadela I love your photos!…the pictures look great!!! :)El Muelle Restaurant Cevicheria Jr. Alfonso Ugarte 225 Barranco, Lima – Perú Tel: (51) 1477-5165 Posted: April 14 2011
|| Ron || Muy rico! Posted: July 01 2011