Handing Out A Book To Village Kids – Nong Khiaw, Laos

Handing Out a Book to Village Kids - Nong Khiaw, Laos
© January 26 2007, Uncornered Market

Audrey hands out one of the Lao alphabet books we bought from the children’s book publishing and literacy program, Big Brother Mouse.

We noticed a school in the village, so we figured there were some literate kids somewhere. Based on their reactions, these kids had never seen a book before. Imagine that. They simply did not know what to make of it, nor what to do with it.

Audrey opened it and started flipping the pages. The kids got a kick out of pointing at the pictures and saying the word in Lao. Lots of giggles. In the end, we left the book with a couple of boys a few years older who looked like they could make better use of it.

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saysana13b I had bought this book from Big Brother Mouse too. It was a rhyming book for children. I’m almost illiterate in Lao, so I had trouble reading it. I brought it out to my little cousins and they all had a kick reading it. They were all girls too btw.During my grand mother’s time, Women weren’t taught how to read. She still can’t read either Lao or English today. So they all cherish reading over there and just love reading period. Posted: March 14 2007
Uncornered Market
uncorneredmarket Thanks for sharing! Big Brother Mouse is great – I hope they succeed in their goal of getting more books into the hands of Lao children. I have to admit that I read the English version (when available) of all the books we bought. The books were actually really funny – learning with humor is a great combination. Hope you enjoyed (or are enjoying) your visit to Laos! Posted: March 15 2007