Ardabil Beets In Iran

Ardabil Beets in Iran
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Street food beets in Ardabil, Iran.

Gab & Liz what kind of food are they? a potato like vegetable? And what’s the red sauce? Posted: February 17 2012
Uncornered Market
uncorneredmarket Beets are a root vegetable, so probably of the potato family. The beet itself is dark red so the sauce is just the water that it’s been cooking in. Posted: February 17 2012
Oliver Desmond Do you have the address of the different places? Posted: August 01 2012
Uncornered Market
uncorneredmarket Oliver, all our photos are geo-tagged, so if you take a look at the map attached to the photo this should give you an address or idea of where it is located in Ardabil, Iran. Good luck! Posted: August 01 2012
drkala la Beets are not of Potato family (which includes tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.). They are most closely related to spinach, chard, and also fairly closely related to buckwheat, dock, and amaranth/quinoa. Posted: January 19 2014